Prototype This Bonus Content

Resources and materials not specific to a particular Prototype This episode.

  • The Projects of Prototype This

    This presentation looks at the design details of selected Prototype This projects, including the Traffic Busting Truck, Fire Fighter PyroPack, Virtual Sea Adventure, Waterslide Simulator, and Flying Lifeguard, each of which had to be designed, built, and tested in a matter of weeks.

  • More Projects of Prototype This

    This presentation looks at more of the ridiculous and crazy projects from Prototype This, including the Mind Controlled Car, Boxing Robots, Six-Legged All Terrain Vehicle, Get Up and Go, and Automated Pizza Delivery System.

  • Engineered Reality: Prototyping Inventions for Television

    Get a behind-the-scenes view of engineers hacking hardware and software to create new prototypes within time and budgetary constraints for a new TV show.

    Published in IEEE Pervasive Computing: Special Issue on The Hacking Tradition, 7(3):24-31, July-September, 2008.