Inspired by Vance Haemmerle's 1997 VAXBar, this version of the VAXBar was created and built in January 2001 with other members of L0pht Heavy Industries. Housed in an original DEC VAX 11/785 enclosure, a simple access control system using iButton authentication tokens and an electromechanical lock was designed to limit access only to authorized users.

The system is based on a Maxim Semiconductor Java-based TINI (Tiny Internet Interface) network microcontroller and featured a web-server which displayed a log of VAXBar access attempts. If a valid iButton was presented to the reader and its unique ID was found in the look-up table, an output pin on the TINI module would go high and trigger a solenoid that released the door latching mechanism.

Source code: TINI Board Model 390 Rev. D w/ DSTINI1-512 (Java)