When Hacking and Engineering Collide

Growing up behind the keyboard of an Atari 400, spending countless hours on bulletin board systems, and building electronic projects from magazine how-to columns, Joe was lucky to discover his passion early on. When other kids talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up, it was a firefighter, police officer, or astronaut. Joe wanted to be an engineer.

But, while Joe thought like an engineer, he questioned the world like a hacker. He realized the importance of sharing information in order to empower others, staying true to what he believed in, and remaining constantly curious.

In this talk, Joe details some of his favorite projects, including mischievous gadgets, crazy contraptions built for television, and mash-ups of technology that don't always make sense. He'll also share tips from his design process and, for the first time in public, profess his love for ferric chloride.