Redemption 5200 Controller Adapter

As fans of the Atari 5200 can attest, the controller that originally shipped with the Atari 5200 console are prone to failure and its non-centering analog joystick makes accurate control very difficult.

Redemption 5200 is a controller adapter which allows you to use Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Sega SMS/Genesis, and PC controllers on the Atari 5200. The adapter also provides support for a standard Atari 5200 controller, giving simultaneous access to the 5200 keypad for games that require it.

AtariAge was the exclusive manufacturer of the Redemption 5200 Controller Adapter. The product has been discontinued as of 2009 and is now available under a Creative Commons Attribution-3.0 United States license. No technical support will be provided for the information herein.


"This device is a must-own for all Atari 5200 owners. I purchased a 5200, put a lot of time into refurbishing it, and eventually sold it out of disgust because of the hard-to-maintain controllers. [When] I saw this device, I purchased another 5200 and thanks to Redemption 5200, it's now my favorite video game system." - Timothy Wray