FluidSense FS-01 Infusion Pump

While working at Design Continuum, Joe Grand was part of the electrical engineering team tasked to create a next-generation portable infusion pump for FluidSense. Joe played a crucial role in the product development, from the initial design concepts through pre-production manufacturing.

The specification called for a handheld, battery-operated pump that would integrate security, control, data collection, and wireless data transfer capabilities with 96-hour battery life. The final design incorporated a multiprocessor circuit design, advanced power management system, IrDA communication between pumps to manage multiple infusions, and the Dallas Semiconductor iButton for authentication and data upload. The FluidSense FS-01 provided a dynamic range of flow from 100µl/hour to 2 liters/hour.

Time Magazine featured the FluidSense FS-01 in their Best Innovation series of 2000.